Autumn competition format

Published Sun 07 Apr 2019

Hi all,

Following member feedback on previous winter seasons the Sutherland Shire Water Polo Association (SSWPA) has made some changes to its format of the winter season.

The summary of the changes are:

  • Registration fees for the SSWPA have reduced
  • Winter will now be split into different seasons
    • Autumn: Starting the 3rd May and ending 29th June
    • Spring: Starting the 9th August and ending 28th September

The SSWPA Board has taken into account feedback from members regarding the attendance of teams of members during the height of winter and considered the different data trends where it is evidence forfeit rates of teams increase in line with the average temperature of the winter season.

These separate seasons are designed to avoid the coldest part of winter (July) to increase participation and enjoyment of members whilst also catering for a smaller season format to increase the ability of members to register for a season(s) in a way that works for them.

Please contact us if you have any further questions.


Alex, Alana, Shane, Dany & Emma
Arctic Executive 2018-2019


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